The Running Routes

Choose from multiple runs with routes planned and designed, by the legendary Steve Cram and his team at Events of the North. Please note, days and times may be subject to change.


Friday 27th August, 18:00-19:10

Sunset Shuffle 3k

The Sunset Shuffle gives you a sneak peek at Saturday’s running routes as the sun goes down. Warm-up your running legs with this 3k run and enjoy a gentle introduction to your weekend of running, at your own pace. There’s no need to register for this one; just grab your trainers and join us for a casual jog.

  • Up to 8 waves
  • Event completed by 8pm for the last runner.

Saturday 28th August

Road 2.5k Family Road Event.

This 2.5km Family Road event.

  • 10 waves (every 10mins) 
  • Event finished 1.30pm

Saturday 28th August, 14:00 – 15:20


This route will take you deeper into the beautiful venue grounds. A mix of tarmac and grass running.

  • 9 waves (every 10mins 300-500 runners)
  • Event completed by 4.30pm

Saturday 28th August, 09:30 – 10:50

10k Proudly Sponsored by Nuzest

This longer route will take in stunning views that the venue grounds have to offer. More challenging than the 2.5k and 5k, but well worth it! A mix of grass and tarmac will challenge all (min age 15 years).

  • 9 waves (every 10mins 300-500 runners)
  • Event completed by 1pm

Saturday 28th August, Continual all day starting at 10:00

Families On Track

Paula Radcliffe is a vocal advocate for family health and fitness and her concept of “Families on Track” encompasses everything she believes in as a runner…but more importantly as a mum! This new exciting event offers an opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a safe, fun and competitive event as a unit together. Mum, Dad. Kids, Grandparents, and other family members complete the 10km distance as a continuous relay, in whichever order or combination they decide upon. This offers a unique concept of adults and children running together, embracing exercise, but in a fun race format that can include everyone, no matter what age or ability.

  • Continual through Saturday starting at 10am
  • 5 waves going off every 90mins. Last wave 4 pm.

Sunday 29th August, 09:30-10:30

Half Marathon

This magnificent half marathon route, comprising off-road trail running with some on-road stretches. As with all of events, the start and finish will be on the festival site. Especially created for a RunfestRun, this really is the best way to experience all of the history that the venue has to offer with running shoes on! (min age 17 years).

  • 7 waves (every 10mins 200-450 runners)
  • Event finished 1.45pm last runner.

Sunday 29th August

Family Fun Run

Sunday is our fun day - and not just because it rhymes - but because it's when we cast the timing chips aside and set you off with your Team Captains for a fun run that just has to be seen to be believed. Collect points for your teams as you complete the RunFestRun Big Bug Fun Run, before partying the day away and celebrating an unparalleled weekend of running highs and memories made.


Sunday 29th August, 09:30

Running Club Relay

Club affiliated runners gain automatic entry into our Running Club Relay, where clubs from all over the country are invited to compete in the company of running legends for the coveted title of Running Club Relay Champions! Enter your team of four now!


Our Running Heroes

Learn from your heroes with in our incredible programme. Be inspired, be star-struck, learn new tips and improve your running with help from experts and passionate runners. Each and everyone of them has a special relationship with running and they're here to share it with you.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

RunFestRun is the brainchild of legendary broadcaster and presenter Chris Evans. Keen runner and multi-marathoner Chris set out to find a way to bottle the elation you feel at completing a challenge and pour it all into a weekend of celebration filled with running and partying and families making memories... and so RunFestRun was born, ticking all of those boxes and so many more! "We want people to join us for a jam-packed weekend of running while having a great time outdoors with friends and family. Whether it is your first run or your hundredth, grab your trainers and join us for the nation’s biggest running party."

Steve Cram

Steve Cram

In a career spanning over three decades, Steve Cram’s many achievements include World, European and multiple Commonwealth Games titles over 1500m and 800m. In 1985, Steve broke three world records in the 1500m, 2000m and Mile, all within 19 days - the latter lasting almost nine years. Following retirement on the track, he became the voice of athletics on the BBC following the retirement of David Coleman in 2000.

Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe

Paula is a three-time winner of the London Marathon (2002, 2003, 2005), three-time New York Marathon champion (2004, 2007, 2008), and 2002 Chicago Marathon winner. For sixteen years she was the world's fastest female marathoner, holding the Women’s World Marathon Record from 2003 until 2019. Since retiring from competitive marathon racing Paula now commentates on athletics for the BBC.

Colin Jackson

Colin Jackson

Colin is a legendary hurdler, multiple gold medallist, world record holder and broadcaster, and without doubt one of the finest and most loved athletes Great Britain has ever produced. Colin continues to be a fixture on our TV screens long after retiring from athletics after seamlessly making the transition into broadcasting, most notably as an integral part of BBC Athletics, covering every major event since the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Vassos Alexander

Vassos Alexander

Sports reporter, presenter, author and self-confessed running addict, Vassos is the long-time co-host of Chris' Breakfast Show both at the BBC and Virgin Radio where he has spent years covering all things sport whilst achieving new sporting feats himself. He began running in his thirties and has since gone on to complete endurance runs all over the world. His love of running has driven him from the world's hardest mountain race to the infamous 153 mile Spartathlon ultra-race, and he's chronicled his experiences by writing two books dedicated to the sport. Alongside Chris, Vassos wanted to create a festival to get people active and to show just how fun running can be - and you'll probably spot him doing just that during a race or two at RunFestRun!

Natasha Evans

Natasha Evans

Full time supermum and head of mission control that is Evans Towers, Natasha is the neck that turns the head of the man behind the mic of The Virgin Radio Breakfast Show. Noah (Age 10, Number 1 Son) says; "Mum is one of those really annoying people who is good at any sport she decides to have a bash at. The opposite of Dad. She's also extremely competitive. So watch out Crammy, Colin and Paula!" Eli (Age 7, Number 2 Son) says; "yeah!" Ping & Pong (Natasha's one-year-old twins) were unavailable for comment.


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